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Ian King Los Angeles

Business consultant/non-practicing lawyer/veteran

About Me

Studio City, California, resident Ian Mitchell King is a business consultant and not-for-profit attorney. He’s also a former service member. Encino, California is where he grew up.

Currently, King serves as a Senior Advisor for a company that owns and runs a variety of commercial properties, including restaurants, convenience shops, and accounting offices. In addition, he is the owner and managing partner of Kings Consultants LLC, a crisis management firm. In this position, he has helped numerous companies and people overcome obstacles and achieve prosperity and success.

In spite of his extensive experience working with a range of nonprofits, King’s specialties include problem-solving and crisis management, which are sometimes hard to come by. In addition, he has a long and distinguished background in business and law. Even more impressive than his extensive military service record is the work he has done and continues to do to benefit the people in the area.